How to look forward to your week?


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We spend the whole week waiting for the weekend and when our two-day vacation is over we go back again chasing it. In the continuous urge of having fun at the end we never really enjoy those five days. If you think it’s a true story then scroll down and find my three ways (that am trying) to make working days more likeable –

1. Surprise yourself: A goal a week – think of one personal gaol over a weekend that you would like to accomplish in the next five days and celebrate its success at the end. It can be anything from reading 50 pages of a book before sleeping to eating a healthy snack a day.

2. Live each day – Don’t let those monday blues or thursday fears haunt you. Start your day with a smile and finish it off with a smile. Live today!

3. Love your work – if you like doing what you do then its well and good, you are on the right track of life but if you don’t like or don’t know what you’re doing then be thankful each day. You’re getting paid for whatever you’re doing whether you love it or not.

Have a happy week!



How to get more work done?


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I came across these two very essential tips to get more productive in life, which I believe are worth sharing –

1– Don’t wait for the right mood – I have often seen myself dragging tasks waiting for the right mood to pop up from somewhere. But the truth is moods have no effect whatsoever on the project at hand.  Things are to be done, projects are to accomplished, lists are to be checked and no matter how sad, depressed or low you feel your work won’t get better. Our problem is that we feel less inclined towards the work we find less exciting to carry on, hence, procrastination. In that case, we need to remind ourselves that waiting for the right mood won’t make the work adventurous. Kicker is to think of the satisfactory mood you will be in after sorting that job. Lets be practical, happy mood  or sad – your task won’t differ so never wait for the right mood instead create one.

2. Don’t wait for the right time –  There is no time like the present. Waiting for the right time is the purest form of procrastination, and the surest productivity killer. The best way to mass efficiency, is obviously to plan as detailed a schedule as you can – but don’t become a slave to that schedule. Often when you’re hesitating on doing something it’s the last to get attention in that schedule and is often bumped. It is so liberating to get the mundane or the challenging stuff out-of-the-way. So you can really enjoy the rest of the day.

Stay productive!


How to enjoy a traffic jam?


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1. Music is one essential factor that can rejuvenate your senses any time. So, when on a clogged road bring on your earphones, headphones or just simply play up on speakers.

2. And if you are not in the mood to be entertained by music. Perhaps you are indulged in deep thoughts and this stuck situation is aggravating your anger. Try this little activity, assume that road with ill-fitted cars is your brain. Just imagine that your mind is that stuffed road congested with thoughts as cars, annoying you, irritating you, freaking you. But now is the time you can throw the cars out of the road and empty it for a smooth journey. So, pull all your power to shoot away any thought/car at a distant place. This simple exercise is really powerful and refreshing.

3. Play a card number game: if you are one of those geek type who likes numbers, logics, and everything not fancy. Play a card number game.. Look around, see every vehicle’s number and apply all the rules of mathematics to put that four digit number to zero.

4. Breathe. We are unconsciously breathing, so try to take long deep breaths whenever you have a minute on that red stop.

5 Traffic signals are best time to exercise, yep! You heard it right.. Facial exercises, acupressure.. .and what not? Rehearsals for your upcoming big moment.. A lot can be done over a traffic jam.

6. Think of one person you would like to call after you escape that clogged road. Plan your talk, think of someone, some good thoughts, dig topics to discuss.

Stay jam-free!!