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1. Add it to your schedule with a specific time like an hour before sleeping or in the evening. Only if you make it a daily task you can cultivate the habit, you must add it up in your to-do-list.

2. Switch off the TV –  Cut your Television viewing time to pick that book you’ve been waiting for or you can use the advertising time to flip through as well.

3. Read during commuting – Carrying a book while traveling is one amazing thing you can do for yourself. Read while going to work or heading back home in public transports wherever its convenient and easy.

4. Audiobooks and E-books – There are tons of other options as well if you don’t want to carry a heavy book or if your eyes feel tired after a long day at work. Add e-books and audiobooks for the rescue.

5. Join a book club – Having people around with whom you can share your reviews or read will always keep you motivated to finish off a book. Go for monthly group meetings, gather friends, go for brunch and plan outdoor reading sessions.

6. Space out – Create your personal reading corner inspired by creative interior ideas. Make it as attractive as possible so that you don’t refuse the calling.

7. Read in the bathtub – some things can be very pleasurable, take that book while you enjoy your time alone in a bathtub. Be cautious though and keep a towel handy.

8. Reading date – Take your spouse or partner for a reading date at a library or anywhere special. Read to each other and discuss your perspectives but only if he/she likes it. No point boring someone.

9. Make a reading wish-list – Jot down all the books that you would like to read. Set a monthly or yearly target for the books to be completed.  Keep a log!

10. Blog it – Constantly blog about your thoughts on what you are reading and your reviews.

11. Bookmark collection – Buy a new bookmark for every new book you pick, add it to your collection and see the joy.

When in doubt, go to a library. – J.K Rowling

Reading is sexy 🙂