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1. Go to bed early on Sundays –  Instead of waking up in hurry, start your day with complete rest and enough sleep.

2. Look forward to your day – when you don’t look forward to your day you automatically switch on the worrier inside you. So stop for a moment and remind yourself that you have the power to make your day awesome.

3. Stop linking Mondays to blue days – we have for no reason made this myth that Mondays are busiest and we are supposed to whine and work our arse off. Hello? Isn’t that just an excuse? prioritize is the key to all problems, stay organized.

4. Wake up early and dress up in your favourite blue color – try this once, wear  your favorite blue dress or that blue shirt. Look good and feel great!

5. Read a motivational quote before checking your mailbox – Before you start your day with a bang on luggage of jobs, read something good, inspirational and highly motivational.

6. Smile all day – smiling is one factor that can keep you at ease with less effort.

7. Stand out – come on stop chanting “monday blues” in the herd. Stand out and say you don’t feel any.. Be different!

If you are feeling blue, paint yourself a different color!