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Do you feel grumpy before heading to your office? Working in a stressful job? Bombarded with deadlines? or just too sick of the routine job? May be you have a desk job?

Relax!! Relax your muscles and yes relax while working! Relaxation is the best thing you can do for a healthy and motivated job.

1. Go to work early and start your day with an organized list of to-do things.

2. Take a brief break every hour, get up and stroll around or just lean back in your chair, stretch your neck. Shift your chair position to release muscle tensions!

3. Drink plenty of water. It keeps your head cool and calm try taking out moments to wash your face.

4. Remember to blink your eyes.

5. Be attracted to your workspace: It is important to have a creative and attractive workspace. Reduce clutter, personalize it with your favorite things and include fresh aroma around. It relaxes your eyes and keeps you inspired! Reference : here

6. Stereomood- Its the best online music powerhouse that I personally love listening to while at work. Bring out your headphones during a lunch break and indulge in some pep music.

7.  Lunch Breaks – Make sure to take a full hour lunch break. Walk around to digest your food!

8. Avoid over-intake of caffeine and smoke less!

9. Laugh it off: Crack a joke during breaks, experience light moments and get rid of grudges and stress.

10. Breathe in and Breathe out.

Happy working!