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Brian Tracy, a well-known motivational speaker states that the only way to be satisfied in your life is through sheer clarity and clarity and only clarity.  Clarity of what you want, how can you get it, what it will take you to reach there, why it is important and every other query with a clear answer in your head. Lack of clarity leads to chaos and a lot of frustration, disappointments and miseries. Knowing what you want and working clearly to get it can sow the seeds of satisfaction in your life. Steps to achieve clarity in life are :

1. Decide – find out what you want to do in each area of your life and be specific.

2. Detailed notes – Write it down, figure out your passion, determine where exactly you want to see yourself in detail.

3. Deadline – set a deadline according to the goal.

4. Consequences – Break down all your goals into sub heads with every consequence that pops up in your head.  Know what all you have to do to embark on the path of achievement.

5. Organise – make a thorough plan, be clear with your expectations and steps.

6. Efforts – every single step a day will take you to your desired destination so put efforts everyday, starting with the most important goal first.

7. You’re only human – don’t be disappointed, believe in yourself and your potential. Try, try and try..

Inspiring quote that I read somewhere – “Game isn’t over until I win”

Live a bang-on life!!