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1. Watch two cookery shows per week not to learn the delicious recipes but to observe the process of enjoying whilst a mouth-watering dish take its texture.

2. Act on it – cut, slice, prepare your food the way any amazing chef would do. To enjoy that half an hour business in your kitchen you need to put yourself in the shoes of the most famous chef and work accordingly, donning an apron won’t hurt!

3. Believe – that the moment you enter your kitchen you are going to wash away your days’ stress because cooking is a stress buster. And also know that you get to burn calories while washing dishes and doing household chores!

4. Plan weekly dishes – dig out new recipes, search blogs and try cooking a new dish each week for family or someone special. Go bragging – invite friends over dinner, hight tea and be a host!

5. Hit a book store, fetch cookery magazines, books, and read more about the benefits of certain food or diet.

6. This one is really powerful – flip through home and lifestyle appliances on online shopping portals and see the change. You will realize cooking has become so easy with such multi-tasking products available. Go grocery shopping!

7. Crockery – stuff up your kitchen drawers with beautiful cutlery, mugs, plates, bowls, and everything that is fancy and gives an advantage on your presentation skills. The food you cook has to look good so the most amazing utensils will push you more to tip-toe in happiness while cooking.

Be Delicious!