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They say the mood you wake up with defines your day’s song. So, always sing a beautiful melody and smile the moment you kiss away the sleep.

1. Bring your body to life – while you are half asleep and your eyes are unwilling to open up to the world, try joining your hands – letting the fingers touch each other , stretch your neck, and shake your legs. Wake up like a lazy cat coming back to life.

2. Good Thoughts – our mind starts blabbering very quickly, shut it up and think good. If you are spiritual or religious, chant a mantra but if you are not take long breaths, ease out your face cropping up a smile and wish yourself a very good morning.

3. Warm your senses – fill your room with beautiful things around so you start your day on a happy note.

4. Alarm Clock – of course you need a loud profile for your alarm clock to wake you up. But try some holiday music or something joyous than noisy or aggressive.

5. Water Massage – your morning shower is the best time to re-energize your senses. Take control of your body, thoughts and visualize the way you want to live your day.

6. Talk to yourself – Give yourself a perk up with a pep talk while you dress up.

7. Exercise/ yoga/ meditation – Try adding one of these in your daily routine to pump your physical energy.

8 . Break-fast – Never skip your breakfast and take low-fat, high-fiber food.

9. Daily Notes – Prioritize your day’s tasks and make notes of jobs to be accomplished.

10. Live each moment

Rise and Shine